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How to get your child to love reading

Reading is a way to discover new things, learn new things, and develop key language skills like vocabulary building and speech development. You can also bond with your child by spending time reading together.

A book can spark a child’s curiosity in as little as 10 to 15 minutes per day. Find out our top tips for encouraging a love of literature.

Get started immediately

Your newborn will benefit from you reading to them. Babies learn language when adults repeat words to them. Talk to your child about the objects and characters in the book, as well as the sounds they make. Your voice can help them understand the meaning of the letters and pictures. Varietate the pitch and tone of what you are reading and use different voices and accents for different characters. This will keep your child interested and make the story flow.

Children learn to love books even before they learn how to read. Children will love books if they spend time reading together.

Show us how a great reader should look

Reading should be fun and enjoyable for children, not a tedious task. This is easier than teaching them by showing them how to do it. It is easier for your children to read if you are reading frequently. This will encourage screen-free time.

Local bookshop owners or librarians can help you choose the right books for your child if you’ve been away from reading for some time. Friends and family are also great sources! Ask your children about their favorite books and how they read together. Your little one can go along with you to make it an enjoyable trip to pick out books.

Turn it around

As your child gets older, you can take turns reading aloud to one another. This can be as simple as asking your child to name letters and words that he recognizes if he is an early reader. Next, start reading sentences together. As your abilities improve, you will be able to take turns reading chapters and pages. Ask questions as you read together: “What do YOU think will happen next?” “Why did the elephant do that?”

Reading aloud to your child will build confidence and reinforce the lessons they have learned.

  • Listen to your child

Pay attention to your child’s interests as she grows. Look out for books that are children’s-friendly if your child is interested in dinosaurs or a specific topic. This will reinforce the idea that books can be used to learn more about the things we care most about. She will also be more likely read books if it is her favorite dino!

Do not worry if your kids aren’t yet reading Dostoevsky or Achebe. The important thing is that they’re reading. It’s fine if they only read comics at the moment. There are still many opportunities to read comics and graphic novels. They can be encouraged with other reading material, but you don’t have to push them if they aren’t interested.

  • Make it a daily routine

Make reading a fun part of your child’s daily life by incorporating books into your routine. Make sure you have a dedicated reading time, whether it is before bed or on public transport. Keep your hands off of phones and TVs while you’re together. You should spend your time with each other.

Reading at home is an important part of learning how to love reading. Start a book collection with your children if you can. You don’t have to collect a lot of books; even a small collection can be useful.

Check with your local library to find out about story time programs if they are available. These get-togethers are a great way to let your child enjoy reading and make friends with other children. A mini book club could be started with your friends and their children.

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