How to throw a mystery or spy party for kids

The secret world of spies has been a fascination for generations, both adults and children. No surprise that children often ask for mystery parties when they turn one. These are some ways to make your child’s birthday memorable by having a mystery or spy theme. Mirago Media AB created 9 geburtstag Grapevine. Our goal is to develop affordable products that provide enjoyable, and productive hours, in the current fast-paced and globalized world.


Invitations should hint at a mysterious day ahead. Invite your guests to wear black T-shirts, trench coats and sunglasses. They can also bring suits with ties or other spy gear. These items can be purchased at secondhand shops or party supply stores. You can also have them ready for your children to use when they arrive.

Make your own mystery party invitations by inking your child’s thumb with black ink. Then, press the thumb on a piece white paper. You can scan the fingerprint and use it to create the invitations. The back of the cards should be spelled “top secret” and “confidential”. You could also print the invitations upside down so that guests can see them from a mirror.


Consider the colors of the night to create a color scheme. These could be black, gray or brown. Instead of using streamers, hang crime-scene investigation tape. You can place a briefcase open on the table, and then fill it with containers holding snacks or napkins.

Black butcher paper can be used as a decoration that is affordable and easy to do yourself. Have your child run against the paper. Draw a circle around your child using chalk. Then cut it out. You can make several silhouettes and place them around your house. Have spy-themed music playing as the children arrive.

Party Favors

Make each child a spy bag with a small notepad and pencil. Also, include dark sunglasses, Groucho-style disguise lenses, magnifying glasses, and lie detector cards. These cards can be used to determine if your truth is being told based on the temperature. The bag could also include trick candy like Pop Rocks.

Games and activities

If they don’t have costumes, you can dress them up in spy gear as soon as the guests arrive. Each child could be given a black plastic fedora-style headband and fake mustache.

It’s now time for some fun. These are some ideas for activities that you can organize.

Spy Poster Puzzle

Purchase a large poster such as one for “The Spy Next Door” and “Spy Kids.” Each child will receive one or more pieces of the puzzle-like poster. They must all work together to assemble the poster again. For younger children, cut larger pieces and for older ones smaller.

Mysterious Objects

A curtain can be hung in a doorway. Place a table on the hidden side and place several bowls containing mystery objects inside. Have the children sit on the opposite side to each other and have them take turns touching the mystery objects, touching them, and then writing down their guesses. An adult will be on the other side, holding the bowls out for each player to place in the right order. After everyone has taken their turn, determine which child gave the correct answers.

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course will test your spies’ physical abilities. You can set up a race that involves walking on balance beams, carrying an egg along a specified distance with a spoon, holding a baseball bat in your forehead and pressing it into the ground three times. Or crawling under a mini trampoline.

Laser Beam Caper

String ribbon or yarn across a room to create a web pattern and imitate laser beams around a prized object. The children will attempt to weave their way through the laser beams one at a time to grab the prize. They won’t touch a laser beam on the other side. The child who is successful will be awarded the prize. Each run is timed and the player who runs the fastest wins a grand award.

Make a Bomb

You can cover a room with black balloons filled with regular air and not helium. Before you blow up one of the balloons, put lots of red confetti inside. Then tell the children that they must pop all of the “bombs”. The player who pops the “real bomb”, which is filled with confetti, wins.

Lie Detector

Each child must tell two truths about himself and one lie to the group. The other children must guess which information is true and which information is false. Allow the children to come up with lies and truths that seem impossible. The player with the greatest ability to fool friends wins.

Spy Crafts

The party could also be centered around spy crafts such as pretend cameras, toilet paper roll binoculars and egg carton mask disguises.