You’ve already picked out the perfect crib, stroller and baby necessities. You’ve acquired the latest infant care gadgets. You’re ready for baby — or are you? The first few weeks after having a baby are some of the most challenging days of your parenting journey, so consider adding one or more of the following services to your wish list to make life with a newborn a little easier.

A Newborn Specialist

A newborn specialist or baby nurse Washington DC offers specialized care to postpartum mothers. The newborn specialist can help parents master infant care routines, feeding and even newborn sleep training. These professionals also offer support for self-care and mental health for families. In many cases, they can help with light housekeeping to free parents up to be fully present with their new little ones.

A Postpartum Meal Train

Many families request meals for the first few weeks with a newborn. Meal train websites can help organize details such as drop-off location and desired dates. Depending on your family’s needs, you can specify whether you prefer homemade meals, frozen meals, or gift cards to local restaurants. No matter the details, a meal train can take an enormous burden off of new parents’ shoulders in the early days with their new baby.

A Housecleaning Service

Whether you make an informal request to have friends come and fold laundry or ask for a professional cleaning service, consider adding housekeeping to your baby registry. Especially if you have pets or other children at home already, outsourcing the responsibility for regular cleaning will give you more time with your newest family member.

Even if you’ve already gathered all of the essentials for your baby-to-be, be sure to include some essentials for mom and dad too. Housekeeping, meal trains, and baby nurses will make those first few sleep-deprived weeks just a little bit easier for everyone.