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Tips to Stay Cool While Baby Carrying

Tips to Stay Cool While Baby Carrying

Baby Carrying: There are many benefits to baby wearing but getting sweaty and hot is not one. So we set out to design soft-structured baby carrier that is comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use. It can be quite warm to hug two people in a bear hug all day, so you don’t need to carry a bulky, heavy baby carrier.

Even in warmer temperatures, babies and caregivers still need to be held. Some summer adventures are impossible with a stroller.

Summer Adventures that are Babywearing Friendly

Walking and hiking in your local area is a great way of getting outside with your children. You can keep your older kids safe and happy by using the carrier.

Animal Farms/Zoos/Aquariums- My children love to get out of their house and visit the animals. Supporting local farms and zoos is a wonderful family outing, whether you’re looking for an hour or a full day.

Museums, Libraries – While you might think that your children wouldn’t like going to an art gallery, they might be wrong! One, libraries and museums are generally air-conditioned. WIN. It’s a great way of getting the kids outside and discussing art, community and culture. Even for little ones that don’t speak yet, museums might be more accessible and less fragile. Libraries are also available to help you enjoy some cool temperatures, share some good books with your family, or just sit down and read some great books.

Parks and Beaches – The best thing about our carriers? They can be machine washed. Why is this important? Get them dirty! Make memories with them by using those carriers. While it’s not recommended to swim in these carriers, it is safe to do so if they get wet. Go with your family to the beach, build sand castles and take a dip in the sea. Find a nearby park to take your toddler for a stroll or ride with you while you watch the slide go by.

Farmer’s Markets Our family loves to go to our weekly Farmer’s Market and check out the seasonal and local produce. I love to sample all the delicious goodies available from vendors and always bring home something delicious for dinner. It’s so much fun to take our children on a trip that shows them what “eating rainbow” looks like, even though they still prefer string cheese and dino nuggets.

Picnics One of the best things about picnics is that you can make them as simple or adventurous as your heart desires. You can pack all your snacks and travel as far as you want to get some sun and warmth. You can either pack your own snacks and set out on an adventure to explore the local trails. You can choose to picnic or babywear whatever suits your needs.

Tips to stay more cool, safe, and cozy during summer

Keep hydrated

It is vital for caregivers to keep their children hydrated. But it can be more difficult for parents to keep their child hydrated.

Formula or breastmilk is safe for infants who are not yet starting solids. Don’t overwater your formula. This could cause severe health problems for your infant. It can be very dangerous for your infant.

Homemade popsicles are an option for little ones who are solid enough to consume liquids other then formula and breastmilk. The perfect summer treat is simply to pour liquids in silicone molds using popsicle stick.

PRO TIP – POPSICLE BATHS! Let your kids have their popsicles while you bathe. You can entertain your kids without mess and with no hassle.

Wear a long-sleeve, swim shirt with rash guard for your baby.

Rashguard swim shirts offer sun protection. Many are long-sleeved with UPF 25 or higher fabric. The UPF rating tells you how much UV radiation can pass through your clothing. A UPF 50+ rating is the best. This protects your baby’s skin from the sun and allows for less than 2 percent UV transmission. Rashes guard swim shirts also have breathable fabrics that are soft and stretchy so that your baby doesn’t get too hot even though her arms are covered.

A lightweight layer of fabric should be placed between you and baby.

The weather is sunny and 80 degrees so you may be thinking about less coverage. But if babywearing, a regular shirt that provides more coverage can actually work better. Wearing a light and lightweight top will make you feel warmer and more stickier.

A gel pack or frozen washcloth is a good idea.

You can keep your baby cool by putting a moist washcloth in the fridge before you leave the house. To help you and your baby stay cool, keep a frozen gel pack in your baby carrier’s zipper pocket. To keep your baby cool if you are driving long distances, you can pack your frozen gel packs and washcloths in a portable milk cooler.

Buy a handheld misting fan.

In hot weather, it is important to ensure you are drinking plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. You can also keep cool by drinking water while babywearing.

Take along a handheld misting fan, whether you are hiking or just spending time at the farmers’ market. You won’t get much heat from a regular fan. You don’t want to pour your filtered water down your back, so you won’t waste it. The perfect water misting fan sprays the right amount of water, while blowing fresh air onto your face and neck to keep it cool and refreshing.

One for you and one to give to your child. He won’t even have to ask twice if he wants one. He will love the ability to spray himself, mommy or dadmy.

Pick the most comfortable position for carrying.

There are four major baby-carrying positions. These are: hip, hip, back carry, front, outward-facing, hip and parent-facing. Because of the less body contact, hip and rear carry are excellent warm-weather positions. They offer more ventilation and help keep you and your baby cool. Many soft-structured carriers and wraps allow for hip or back carrying.

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