How to test baby monitors?

Avoid baby monitors that may have blurred or cutout images, poor battery life, or even hackable. Avoid poor-quality baby monitors.

You want to feel confident when you purchase a baby monitor. There are many baby monitors that won’t let you down.

We test every year all the major brands – from BT and Motorola – as well as all types of baby monitors including smart and audio models.

We don’t recommend these models. They have terrible picture quality and you won’t be able to see your baby clearly on the screen. They can cut off their battery life midway through a nap and they barely stay connected in a bedside.

What is a Don’t Buy baby watch?

These are the problems that we found in our testing of baby monitors:

Some baby monitors claim they can work at 100m range. But when we actually measure the range, we find that models cut out after 16 metres.

Monitors that have batteries that run out in as little as 2 hours can leave you scrambling to find the charger.

Parents should be concerned about the possibility of their baby monitor being hacked. We have reviewed a wi fi enabled baby monitor that allows you to use just one character for the password. An insecure password could potentially make your account vulnerable to hackers.

A poor baby monitor can look temptingly cheap with sales and promotions. Even if you don’t have the budget for a big purchase, there are still great options.

We found affordable audio baby monitors for around PS20-30. They have excellent signal and sound quality, and are simple to use.

How to test baby monitors

Our tests are more thorough than any other competitor and put baby monitors through their paces.

We evaluate everything, from sound quality and video to the accuracy of a room temperature sensor and whether it could be hacked.

We have done extensive testing to determine which baby monitors are best for you.

Our experts evaluate every baby monitor for ease of use and setup.

We conduct rigorous testing to ensure sound and picture quality and battery life.

Smart models receive an industry-leading assessment to determine how well the monitor can resist hacking attacks. This will protect you and your privacy from prying eyes.

Trustable reviews on baby monitors

Which? Which? Find the best baby monitors.

Which? Which? is independent. We work for you, as the consumer. You can therefore be certain that our product recommendations are not influenced by our test results.

We are not influenced or given freebies by product manufacturers or retailers.

We only buy products we have tested ourselves. Our advice will help you make the right decision the first time, and avoid costly mistakes.

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