Multiples and Baby Sleep

This blog is for parents of multiples who have recently found out they are expecting twins, triplets or quadruplets. Let’s talk baby sleep and multiples.

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Can you get good sleep with multiple people?

YES! I believe that multiple parents who have the same routine can make their family more successful. You can have great babies with good sleep habits and great sleep quality!

Can classes with Taking Cara Babies be used with twins, triplets or quadruplets

YES! Yes! My First Five Months Bundle or The 5-24 Month Collection can be used to teach you how meet your babies at their developmental stages and how to get great sleep. You can use the same techniques and skills that worked for one baby to work with multiple babies. I will show you specifics in class so you can apply them with multiple babies.

For more personalized support, you can schedule a telephone consult if you need one-on-one assistance after taking a class. These consultations can be a great way for you to get into the details of your baby and your family. My team includes sleep consultants who have extensive experience with multiple families.

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What happens if my babies are born prematurely?

Many multiples do arrive a bit early. My classes are also available for families whose babies were prematurely born. We always want to meet babies where they are at developmental stages. I recommend that you use adjusted age (age from due day) for babies born before 37 weeks. This will allow you to choose the best class for you.

Are there any products you love to use multiples of?

Yes! You can find all my favourite products here. If you have the budget, a twin carrier, double stroller and double nursing pillow are very helpful for twin parents.

Where should my multiples be sleeping?

In my experience, most multiples do share a room. Parents worry about their babies waking up at night, but they can learn to live with each other. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends each baby have their own space to ensure safe sleep. There are bassinets that can be used to provide each twin with their own space. These can also be great options.

What are your top tips for multi-tasking?

1. Each baby is an individual.

Your babies may have been born in the same womb and were given similar genetic material. They also share the same parents who practice healthy sleeping habits. Multiple babies are a better way to observe how they develop. While one may talk faster, the other might be more adept at crawling. One baby might smile first, while another may be the first one to take a step. It’s not unusual for one baby to be a better sleeper than the other. This shouldn’t be a reason to stress. It is important to celebrate their differences and recognize that each person will grow on their own time.

2. Your babies should be kept within 10-20 minutes of one another.

Yes, I know. I told you to treat each one as an individual. Now I want to tell you to keep them all on the same schedules. Let me clarify: Even though we treat them all as individuals, keeping their days and nights on the same schedule will make them feel much more at ease.

This is what it might look like. The first baby to start flashing sleepy cues might need a shorter wake window. Let’s say one baby wakes up earlier than the other from a nap. Give the other 10-20 more minutes and then wake him. Similar principles apply to feedings. Offer both food and water to a person who is hungry. It will take creativity and time to overcome this initially. Perhaps it’s using a pillow for nursing like this one. One parent may feed one baby and the other the other. If it is impossible to feed all your children at once, you can simply feed them one after the other.

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3. Prioritize your bedtime routine.

Bedtime routines are a set of events that signal to your baby’s brains that it is time for bed. It is a good idea to have all your children participate in bedtime routines. It will be more difficult than if you only had one baby but it is possible. Let me show how one twin mama manages her bedtime routine.

4. A support system should be in place.

I want you to know that those who love and care about you are willing to help! This journey was not meant for you to do it alone. Your support network is important! You need someone to entertain your children when you aren’t feeling like it. Are there any people who would like to take you out for dinner?

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Multiples daddies and mamas have shared how much they love their online community. It can be very helpful to find other parents with multiple children. You can ask questions, get support and remind yourself that you are not the only one!

5. Give yourself grace.

Please take this one thing from me: Show grace to your children and yourself. You are my hero. No, truly. Two babies are more work than three. Three babies is twice as much. Parents, you’re amazing. You are the best mama for these babies. You are the best daddy for these babies.