Taking young children to the doctor can be challenging, especially if they’ve developed anxiety about appointments. Even excellent primary care North Tonawanda NY can still be intimidating for kids. Fortunately, you can take small steps at home to prepare your child for an upcoming doctor visit. This way, you can all enjoy less stress and anxiety while helping your child develop a positive view of health care.

Read Books and Watch Movies to Prepare

Children can really benefit from watching their favorite character navigate through a relatable situation. Find episodes of some of their favorite shows that deal with trips to the doctor or dentist to help them feel more at ease and prepared for their trip to the office. Books are another wonderful resource that can use words and pictures to help young children feel safe and cared for while teaching them the importance of regular checkups.

Role Play Scenarios at Home

If your kids don’t already have a pretend doctor kit at home, now is the time to purchase one. Spend some quality time together by playing doctor’s office with your child. Take turns being the physician and the patient and try to include different elements that they may experience in person, such as checking in, sitting in the waiting room, standing on the scale or having their blood pressure checked. Make it fun but keep it thorough so they’re more comfortable during the real thing.

Make it a Special Occasion

The day of the appointment, try to find ways to turn the upcoming outing into a special occasion. Let your child choose a favorite outfit and pick the music for the ride to the office. While you’re out, make plans to stop by some place fun, like a nearby library, park or store. Finally, plan a special, healthy reward for a job well done.

Even the smallest preparations can make a big difference when visiting the doctor. Help your child feel safe while teaching them the importance of a healthy life.